“Our Founding Fathers shed blood to preserve our God given rights to this amazing land and we here to ensure that such land is in the control of Patriots.”  556 Founder

The alt-left tyrants are mounting their next assault on our freedoms and part of our fight to win the battle is to ensure our hard earned money stays in the Circle of Liberty.

The Circle of Liberty: The goal of our firm is to ensure that money earned in your real estate transaction stays with professional agents that support your Constitutional rights.

You can be assured that when you’re contacted by one of our 556 Realty agents or our affiliated referral agents that they themselves are Liberty-minded firearm owners.

We have interviewed and approved agents that meet our stringent qualifications for education, licensing, professional ability and expertise. Our pool of approved agents work for both 556 Realty (in-house) and many of the most prestigious real estate firms in the world. Our extensive network allows us to refer you to an agent on the ‘inside’ that has been vetted as a Liberty-minded individual and ‘one of us’. 

Our agents are available from Flagstaff to Prescott and Maricopa County to Tuscon and beyond.

Luxury Homes, Residential, Condos, Waterfront, Land, Farms, Homesteads and Commercial properties. No matter what you are looking to Buy or Sell we have an agent that specializes in your type of property.

When you choose to work with us you can be assured that the money we earn will stay in the Circle of Liberty!

Real Estate 101: Always protect your Clients.